OUR PHONE SYSTEMS ARE ESPECIALLY EASY TO USE AND EASY FOR YOU TO PROGRAM THROUGH THE PHONES.  We program your phone system, but later you can make some changes yourself.  We give you a User Manual, and Instructions on how to change the Main Greeting, Employee Directory, the Time, your System Speed Dials, etc.


Resists Spills and Abuse (if water gets spilled on a phone, it still works).

Our Phone Systems can either be answered with Live Answering (employees answer the phone) or you can have the Auto-Attendant answer the phone first, and give callers choices.  

‚ÄčLive Call Screening

If wanted we program a Monitor Button on each phone, to turn this feature on or off.  Works like a home answering machine, lets you listen to an incoming message over your speakerphone, while the phone system is recording it.  If you want to answer, just lift the handset.  Otherwise, the phone system will record the message to your voice mailbox for later retrieval.  This is great for before or after hours.  

Off-Premises Message Delivery to a cell phone, home phone, or any phone

If wanted, you program your mailbox for it, and when you get a message the system will call you, and give you your messages, with each new message, or program for only urgent messages.  If you don't want to hear them at the moment then you press * and it saves the messages in your mailbox on your Phone System.  

Off-Premises "Reach Me"

If wanted, you program your mailbox for it.  Allows a caller forwarded to your voice mailbox to still reach the called party live (at a programmed phone number in your mailbox, such as a cell number).

Call Forwarding/Off-Premises

If wanted, you can set your phone so outside calls that are directed to your extension will be forwarded to the outside number.  If the cal isn't answered in time, the caller will be routed to the extension's voice mailbox.

Call forwarding/No-Answer/Off-Premises

When this is set, outside calls that are directed to your extension will ring for a predetermined time, and then be forwarded to the outside number.  If the call isn't answered in time, the caller will be routed to the extension's voice mailbox.

Live Call Recording

One-touch ease in recording any conversation.  The resulting recording is available for copying to others via voice mail, great for keeping your colleagues "in the loop".  You can also record personal "voice memos" to yourself.

Message Recycle Bin

If you delete a message, you can hear and restore each mailboxes 10 most recently deleted messages (or we can program it to be any number from 2 to 40).

Quick Page

Operators may want a button on their phones for this, while on a call they can press the Quick Page Key, and the Station Key and the system pages the person, and then if the call is not picked up, it goes to their mailbox.

Quick Groups

Press the Voice Mail Key followed by the desired station keys, and leave a message.  Your message will go to these mailboxes.

Virtual Mailbox Key

It is a programmable function key "tied"to any mailbox; allows easy monitoring of an another mailbox (example:  the boss's mailbox, a guest mailbox (which is a person without a phone), we can put a Virtual Mailbox Key on any phone(s) that would blink when the mailbox had messages, and if you know their password you can check the messages for them.

Verbal User Guide

A HELP Key on the ESI's phone provides a recorded verbal assistance on the phones features.

Built-In Message-On-Hold (or a Radio or Message-On-Hold Machine can be added)

Has 3 built-in Message-On-Holds to choose from.  You'll never get static, or be off on a channel, like a radio does).

Three Personal Greetings (with each mailbox).  For you to record what you'd like to say.

We can put them each on a key on your phone.  Example:  "I'm in a meeting right now, but please leave a message after the tone, and I'll call you back as soon as possible". Another Greeting example: "I'm in the office, but away from my desk..."; or "I'm out of the office..."

ESI-DEX Built-In Directory (Personal and System Speed Dials)

It's like having a built-in Roladex built-in to the phone, like your cell phone has.  The ESI-DEX

System Speed Dial is also by number (600-699).  You can go up to any phone, dial like 600, and it will start dialing that person or company you have programmed for 600.  If you have Caller ID (from the phone company on your lines), say your on a call with XYZ Company, you see their phone number on the screen of your phone, you can press ESI-DEX and the phone number and name is now stored.

Enhanced Caller ID

You can return a call with just a keystroke but also, using ESI-DEX, quickly add the caller to your speed-dial list.

Caller ID Key

Shows Caller ID for the last 25 callers, for one-touch call return.

Records Voice Messages with 64 Kbit-per-second sampling to provide the highest quality sound a telephone line can carry.

Background Announce

Privately hear intercom messages while talking to outside calls.

Multiple Mailbox Types

Each phone has a mailbox, plus the phone system has Information Mailboxes, Guest Mailboxes, Broadcast Mailbox (delivers a message to all the phones voicemail boxes) and Group Mailboxes.


If you want to use, in Auto-Attendant mode it will alert employees over the phones speakers or if you have overhead paging, that the employee has a phone call and what line it is on.

Conference Calling

Up to 16 conference callers (maximum of 16 persons per conference)

Quick Move

In your Main Company's Voicemail Box or any mailbox you can take a recorded message, and quickly move it to the mailbox you want it to go to.

Phone Features

When you have new messages, the display on your phone will show how many new and old messages are in your mailbox.  During playback of a message, your display will show the originator the message, the duration of the message, whether it's new or old, and time/date of the message.  You have options while hearing a message on your phone, such as:  PAUSE, TIME/DATE AND PHONE NUMBER:  Toggles the display between time/date and the Caller ID number; REPLY:  To automatically reply to a message from another user within the phone system; BACKUP:  Backs up (rewinds) playback 4 seconds for each time you press it; FAST FORWARD:  Advances playback 4 seconds each time you press it; MOVE:  Moves a copy of the message to another user's mailbox or to a Quick Group.  After or during a message you either DELETE OR SAVE the message.